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I just reached my $200 goal on Patreon !! That means I’ll be taking monthly watercolour requests for patrons, but to celebrate I’m also doing a giveaway for all my tumblr followers too !! ♡  u can win  …

  • the original of my 210K courage the cowardly dog painting
  • all of my comics and a letter about how great you are
  • care package including bracelet, cute plasters and LUCKY ITEMS

-> followers reblog as many times as u want, no giveaway blogs

-> winner picked on October 1st 2014

uwah uwah uwah

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ddddog asked: are you still taking requests? i think a puppy centaur would be beautiful


dear friend , i tried hard

is this a puppy centaur ??

puppy centar >???

pupy centr ??

currently having a sleepover with witnesstheabsurd and she says  P̹̲̜̫̹U̶͚P͔̘P͙̪Y̴̟͔̻̣ ̡̻͔͎̥̟ͅC͖Ḙ̫̻̩̖ͅN̛̹̭T̟̩̱͎͡ͅA̘͇͖̣͔Ų͚͓̯̝̬ͅR is the truth

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